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Barcode – graphic representation of information through combination of dark and light elements according to symbolism (rules describing code structure for example its size, group of coded symbols, control number calculation algorithm and others) of single code. Barcode is designer for electronic readers. Main goal of this code is to make possible automatic information reading. Main usage of the barcode is automatic product identification in wide variety of logistics branch


Parts of the system:

– Server computer with database;

– management application that enables the income and outcome of products;

– barcode reader;


Working principles

In process of reading the barcode light coming from the reader gets formed into slim bundle (laser). It moves through the readed code and lights the small piece of it and then the light gets reflected by the light elements of code (break) but also absorbed by the dark elements of code (bars, fields). Light gets readed by the photodiode. One that gets reflected makes the increase of electric signals. In contrast as the effect of lack of reflection signals get weaker.

Gauge of bats/break influences the time of each signal.

Length of every impulse lock the information which are translated into numbers, letters and other signs by the descrambler and then they get send into computer.

There are also codes that use more than two colors to save the information (for example Ultracode), which lets the user to save bigger amount of information.

Symbols coding can also be done In another way for ex ample using the difference between height Or size of symbols. It gets used in Bunny Bar Codes


Barcode usage

Barcodes have wide variety of usage In many branches of human activity. Some of the most important are:

● assortment identification In chemical and industrial laundries..Used mainly for the rental services.

● identification of trade units (GTIN numbers) in this case we call trade unit any product or service which can have a price and which takes part in the chain of deliveries. So in this category we can find units (products) in collective wrappings and unit wrapping, sold in wholesale and retail available on national and international market. Quantity of product can be constant or variable. To this category belongs also constant publishing’s (ISSN) , music (ISMN) Or books (ISBN);

● logistic units identification (SSCC numbers) or to say units made especially for the needs of transport and storage (for example: loading pallet units or loading container units and also they take part in process of identification, tracking and managing its way through the chain of deliveries.

● resources identification (GIAI numbers) more exactly sustainable resources (supplies) of the company (for example returnable wrappings, multi usage wrappings or pallets);

● location identification (GLN, SWIFT, DUNS, BSI/ANFOR numbers) used to identification of objects that can get he address (for example: companies, rooms, sell points, EDI communiqué));

● identification of service relations (GSRN numbers given to service takers);

● Rother usage like marking the tickets, invoices cell phones, post packages, medicines, Web sites and others;


Barcode reader

Example of barcode reader below.

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