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The applicability of the Magielek technology-RFID

Our solutions are designed to improve the management and control processes in companies operating in different areas of services, production, logistics with the use of modern it solutions.

Below are sample solutions:


  • monitoring throughout the process of washing laundry disappearances
  • cost reduction commodity


  • identification of hotel bathrobes, towels, bed linen,
  • anti-theft features

Health service

  • inventorying and monitoring drugs
  • inventorying and monitoring equipment
  • patient monitoring

Higher education

  • time control the child in kindergarten, school
  • equipment inventory
  • anti-theft features

Warehouse Management

  • acceleration all logistics processes
  • monitoring stored goods

Library and archives

  • inventorying and monitoring collections
  • return support source books

The production of

  • logistics processes control
  • cargo control
  • equipment inventory
  • identification of Tools


  • goods monitoring
  • customer flow monitoring


  • rental equipment of any kind support

Inventories and the identification of the fixed asset

  • all kinds of offices, warehouses