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Smart Wash is the first Polish system for automatic identification of the range of laundry, using the latest techniques: radio UHF RFID tag technology and touch screens.

Smart Wash is the first Polish automatic public assortment registration system, which uses the latest technological advances: UHF RFID radio tags and touch screens. It was presented for the first time on Texcare International 2012. Offered as the service Smart Wash software is an answer for many laundry companies in upcoming need of optimization of every business process connected with laundry assortment management.

Essential features:

  • simplicity
  • ease of use
  • accuracy
  • reading rapidity
  • low costs of installation and use

System elements:

1. RFID gates which consists of:

  • Stationary industrial UHF RFID readers.
  • Range of highly efficient industrial antennas which main destany is to be uesed on vast area with ability to be installed on the walls or ceilings. It lets the user to create optimal reading spheres around the shelfs entrances and storage doors.
  • move detector (as an option)

2.  Smart Table – packaging help and tag programming device.

3.  UHF RFID Motorola Hand readers with WiFi module using Windows Mobile 6,5 with installed on it Smart Wash mobile app.

4.  RFID radio tags (transponders) waterproof, elastic, sustainable passiwe using the UHF EPC second generation protocol.

5.  Software- pack of applications which consiss of:

  • Smart Wash desktop – laundry service application with fully touch screen suitable interface. It can also have the special module for the work wear rental service.
  • Smart Wash webapp – Internet application it gives the employee and the customer acces to the detailed reports.
  • Smart Wash mobile – mobile readers application for assortment identyfication and assesment making.
  • Smart Wash for Android – application for Google Android Devices (as an option).
Block schematics of Smart Wash application module structure

For using the Smart Wash application we ad vice you to use industrial All In one computer with small size LCD touch screen. Thanks to Smart Wash you can use it in easy pleasant and intuitive way. Finding any option that you need in this moment gets very fast and easy. Touch screen gives you better interaction with the computer and new standard In computer work comfort. Its Said to be the easiest way of interaction between the human and the computer.

Key advantages of using UHF RFID technologies in:

  • lower the cost through increase of efficiency of work
  • smaller amount of laundry in rotation even to 40 %
  • assortment losses cost reduction
  • ability to track assortment in whole cycle of laundry process
  • assortment identification and amount of laundry cycles check
  • bad conditions resistance like: dust water high and low temperatures
  • ability to control fluency of assortment in real time
  • automation of assortment sorting process
  • devices are easy to use
  • faster all of he logistic processes
  • automation of customer payments
  • improvement of quality of service by increase of accuracy and punctuality of delivery
  • counting up to few hundred pieces of assortment on the dirty side of laundry In few seconds
  • avoiding of human mistakes

Solutions used in our IT infrastructure are also very much energy saving.

We invite you to take look at our solutions in laundries that are our customers.

Frequently asked questions about Smart Wash – FAQ.

Screenshots of the app: