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UHF RFID Technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is now commonly used to automatic goods identification – AIDC (. Automatic Identification and Data Capture) It works using radio wave signal. Each product is marked with tag (also called transponders). When tag gets into magnetic field generated by the reader it gets read-out and his identification number gets registered in system.

RFID automatic identification systems are now under dynamic development. Normal RFID system consist of computer system (with database) and two kinds of radio wave ID devices: readers (broadcast-reception devices) and transponders. Computer system uses the app which control RFID devices

Most of commercial systems works either in 860 ÷ 960 MHz UHF bandwidth (depends on the region) or 13,56 MHz – HF bandwidth. Apart from those frequencies there is also bandwidth ut to 135 kHz in LF frequency and also 433 MHz and 2,45 GHz in UHF bandwidth. According to ETSI (European Telecomunications Standards Institute) In Poland RFID devices use bandwidth from 865,6 to 867,6 MHz

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Advantages of UHF RFID technology

1. Fast- very good abilities of reading up to 1000 transponders per second. Increase of productivity and accuracy of logistic processes.

2. Accuracy – issuing, pickup and stocktaking of goods can be made in very easy and accurate thanks to reading all tags in one moment.

3. Economy- using the tags will help to reduce the cost of managing process.

4. Magnetic field in UHF badwidth don’t make any interference with medical devices.

5. Transponder don’t have to touch the reading devic.

6. Possibility of reading the tag from long distance (few meters) even through other materials.

7. If tag will get dirty it won’t interfere its reading quality (barcode in this situation would be totally unreadable).

8. Possibility of saving more data than in the case of one dimensional barcode.

9. Possibility of installation in casse where barcodes are not suitable.

10. Every tag can be reprogrammed many times.

11. Safe from forgery.